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Regina is a Sydney based fashion makeup artist.

From a young age, Regina already exhibited a talent for the arts. As she grew older, however, what she became most interested in was applying her creative abilities to the world of beauty in the form of makeup industry. Regina works in a range of beauty, editorial and commercial. Her work was featured on Vouge Italy website, Cosmopolitan China, China Women's Health, Institute Magazine, LabA4 and fashion shows such as VAMFF 2015 / 2016 (Melbourne Fashion Festival), Vera Wong Trunk Show, VOGUE x Chatswood Chase show, Australia Hair Expo, Camilla Franks, KOOKAI, and Genesis Event Fashion Shows.

Regina had been assisting Rae Morris, one of the most influenced makeup artist of the world for 3 years. And also had worked with lots of biggest names in this industry, such as Australian fashion photographers Steven Chee and Justin Cooper.

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